The days 16 to 18 September, the i2CAT Foundation will coordinate the first citizen open-data hackathon in Barcelona. During the hackathon, participants will work on challenges of different subjects relevant to the city, such as Healthcare, Urban services and Local culture. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the proposed challenges, contribute their ideas and share with the community their views. It can happen that they propose and develop solutions that have a clear impact on particular needs of the citizens.

XAC will be involved as a data provider, with the weekly forecast of the levels of the main allergenic pollen and spores in Barcelona (and Catalonia). XAC desires to enlarge the diffusion of its work and services, and that new forms could be found to bring the information to more persons and make it more useful. The target are allergic people, pharmaceutical companies, communication media and other.

The event is open to all interested people, skills in programming or data analysis are not required.


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