Declaration of the European Aerobiology Society

07 March 2022

The European Aerobiology Society, on behalf of all its members, wishes to harshly protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and any manifestation of violence, hatred and political and territorial aggressiveness. As scientists, we support the right to freedom, justice, and democracy. We hope that our fellow scientists throughout the world, including those in Russian Federation, will set the example, as role models, with a similar attitude so as to stop this absurdness as soon as possible. We call upon all political and diplomatic powers, influential organisations and citizens across the globe to stand by the Ukrainian people.

The European Aerobiology Society is actively supporting the Ukrainian people by:

  • Disseminating our political and humanitarian position across the world: scientists, politicians, media, via any possible communication channel, privately, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Donating for the basic needs of Ukrainian people.
  • Ensuring financial support of Ukrainian scientists in the forthcoming scientific activities and events of our Society over the next two years.

On behalf of the Society

The President
Prof. Jordina Belmonte


PDF: EAS_Statement_against_Ukraine_war.pdf