Current levels of the main allergenic pollen and spores

Aerobiology of the Balearic Islands. Forecast

22 to 28 April 2024

Taxons pollens Inca (Mallorca)
📷📄Wall Pellitory (Urticaceae)4 =
📷📄Gramineae (Gramineae (Poaceae))2 A
📷📄Olive tree (Olea)1 A
📷📄Amaranthaceae (Amaranthaceae)1 =
📷Ash (Fraxinus)1 =
Cruciferae (Brassicaceae) (Cruciferae (Brassicaceae))1 =
📷📄Cypress (Cupressaceae)2 =
📷Mastic tree (Pistacia)2 =
📷Mercury (Mercurialis)1 =
Moraceae (Moraceae totum)4 =
📷Palms (Palmae (Arecaceae))1 =
Pine (Pinus)1 =
📷📄Planetree (Platanus)1 D
📷Plantain (Plantago)4 =
📷Poplar (Populus)1 D
Quercus (Quercus Totum)2 A
Taxon spores  
📄Alternaria (Alternaria)2 =
📄Cladosporium (Cladosporium)1 =

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If you want see plants, visit Allergenic plants web.

Current levels Forecast
0 Null A Increase
1 Low = Stable
2 Medium D Decrease
3 High ! Exceptional
4 Max