The Point of Information on Aerobiology (ICTA-UAB), the Izaña Atmospheric Research Center (AEMET) and Air Liquide España, report that they have worked on the extension of the EOLO-PAT Project weekly prediction to a new sampling point, located at the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory. This sampling point, which is located 2,354 meters above sea level, provides information about conditions very different from those in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, due to the peculiar mountain landscape of the Parque Nacional del Teide, Unesco's World Heritage, and unique natural laboratory for the observation and study of changes in climate and ecosystems.

While in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the main pollen types (in descending order) are: urticaceae (pellitory of the wall, "ratonera"), mugwort, palm trees, "Faya", grasses, heather, olive, cypress, mulberry, chenopods, sorrel, pine, plantain, mercury ... in Izaña prevalent pollen are from cruciferous ("hierba pajonera"), pine, "Faya" urticaceae (pellitory of the wall " ratonera "), heather, australian pine, grasses, sorrel, chenopods, mugwort ...

Regarding fungal spores, the outstanding taxa are Cladosporium, ascospores, rusts, coprinaceae, Penicillium-Aspergillus and Alternaria in the two localities, the amount in Izaña being much lower than in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Predictions for Izaña are offered along with those for Santa Cruz de Tenerife, since May 18 2015, in the period April-November, which is the period of allowing for the sampling (not during winter due to the weather conditions of the place).


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