Stallergenes Ibérica has launched the webpage Find inspiration, an initiative to improve and compile the information currently available about respiratory allergy. The new website provides detailed and quality information about the disease, types of allergies, symptoms and feasible treatments to combat against it, including sublingual vaccines.

Among the contents that stand out are patient testimonials, a pollen calendar of Spain by zones and answers to most of the questions related with respiratory allergy and their treatments. Also, it is possible to find the necessary information to help properly prepare the visit to the allergist. And, in the Expert answers section, Dr. David González de Olano, allergy specialist from Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada (Madrid) addresses the issues of greatest interest associated with allergy and answers the questions that are asked. As explained by Oscar Barcelo, Marketing Manager of Stallergenes Iberia and one of the promoters of this initiative, "Find inspiration explains all stages of the disease, grouping and providing useful information that is currently disintegrated on the web. The allergy can be treated ".

The project involved collaboration of allergy specialists and the National Federation of Associations of Respiratory Diseases (FENAER). “The collaboration with FENAER allowed us to take into account the views and needs of people who may have respiratory allergies; on the other hand, a group of allergists has helped us to provide the platform of relevant information that the public need about the disease. Both have a key role in updating the web and interactivity, "said Barceló.

Allergy Track

Allergy Track App

Users can download from Find inspiration the new free and in Spanish language app for smart phones and tablets Allergy Track, developed by Stallergenes S.A. in collaboration with the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients Associations (EFA), to help allergics to better manage their disease.

Allergy Track allows weekly measurement of the impact of respiratory allergy on work/school productivity, as well as in daily activities. Users can also inform their doctor of episodes of respiratory allergy suffering at the time they occur, assess the intensity and frequency of their symptoms and consult a diary to check their evolution. Receive alerts of the start of pollen season and tips to avoid or minimize exposure to respiratory allergens are other services provided by the device.

Allergy Track is available on the App Store and Google Play and can be downloaded from Find inspiration  and the corporate web of Stallergenes Ibérica.


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