The XAC, within the framework of an agreement with Qualitas 4 Health and Swisens, is collaborating in the development of a model for the automatic observation of pollen and other aerosols in real time based on artificial intelligence.

The measurement technology is based on the sampling and recording of airborne particles by a piece of equipment (SwisensPoleno Mars) which obtains a pair of images (digital holographs) at 90º of each of the captured particles.

These pairs of digital holographs are immediately classified as a certain type of pollen or other aerosols based on a model previously trained using real samples of different types of aerosols.

Although these trainings have been developed for some years in the central European regions like in the automatic pollen monitoring network of Switzerland operated by MeteoSwiss, this development for the Mediterranean territory is completely pioneer and complex given the great variety of pollen types existing in our region.

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